Write a research paper that explains what socioeconomic development is all about.

Write a research paper that explains what socioeconomic development is all about.
Choose a First Nations community in Canada to be the subject of your project. First, use your research skills to find out everything you can about the current socio-economic (population, education, income, workforce, household, well-being, etc.) state of the community. Second, assess the current economy of the community, researching the physical resources, human resources, government structure and inter-governmental relations. You might want to use the reading from, “Plugging into the Global Economy” by Fiscal Realities, as a guide. And third, outline the barriers to economic development for the community.

Some Suggested Resources:
First Nations community profiles (website: http://ainc-inac.gc.ca).
“Journey to Economy Independence: B.C. First Nations’ Perspectives” a joint report between the Province of B.C. and the First Nations Leadership Council (FNLC).
“Sharing Canada’s Prosperity – A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out”, by the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples (2007).
Aboriginal Economic Development in Atlantic Canada: Lessons Learned and Best Practices (2003) by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development.
“Our Own Vision – Our Own Plan: What six First Nations organizations have accomplished with their own economic development plans” edited by John McBride. Community Economic Development Centre at Simon Fraser University (2001).
“Urban Reserves in Saskatchewan” prepared by Western Economic Diversification.

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