Write a research report about the mental health situation in the country.

Write a research report about the mental health situation in the country.Once your topic has been approved by your instructor, please write your report using Microsoft Word.
Your documentation in your reports should be referenced. View Research Report Rubric

Please use the American Psychological Association style writing format for referencing your sources.
Reference Librarians at each campus of the college can also help you with this.
Recommended website: Purdue University Online Writing Lab.
Use your text and at least two outside sources to document your report.
Submit your report as an attachment.
Remember to post in the discussion forum using your name and your topic area.
Upon reading your peer’s feedback and getting the Turnitin report, make any necessary changes or updates to your report prior to submitting it in this assignment area.
Your instructor will grade after the due date unless otherwise indicated. They will grade your last submission which should contain any updates or revisions. Should a student choose not to submit a revision, the instructor reserves the right to accept or not any additional submissions after the due date, which includes late submissions.

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