Write a research report outlining the measures that people should take to maintain a healthy diet.

Please send me the Process Essay. You may do the essay on a process – a series of steps. Suggest the steps in terms of first, second, next, and finally. Each step can be a paragraph. Select one of the listed topics and develop a college-level essay of substance. It is worth ten points. As with every essay, 500 words are required. Suggested topics:

(1) “What steps should one take to stay out of debt?”

(2) “What steps can be taken to save money?”

(3) “In “The Good Samaritan,” what steps did the Samaritan take to help the beaten man?”

(4) What steps should one be taking to have a healthy diet?

(5) In this world where self-isolation is common, what steps can be taken to be helpful to others?

In writing your essay, you can use another source for ideas. Please acknowledge the source in your paper: ‘According to….’ Refer to the source/author in your paper to avoid plagiarism.

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