Write a study on the topic, “Divine encounter: What does it mean?”

Write a study on the topic, “Divine encounter: What does it mean?”For this assignment, you need to go on a virtual pilgrimage to Sanchi, India to visit the Great Stūpa (reliquary mound) of the Buddha. During your “visit” to the stūpa, you need to find several representations of the Buddha and different divine and semi-divine beings and use the information you’ve learned in class to identify these beings in the carvings.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Go to the virtual tour of the Great Stūpa.


2. Examine the sculptures on the four gates of the outer walls and the sculptures inside the walls of the stūpa and identify the following within its scenes:

A. Beings:

1. gandharva
2. yakṣa
3. yakṣi
4. any deity
5. aniconic Buddha
6. iconic Buddha
B. Scenes

1. Worshiping the Buddha
2. Fire ritual
3. Four Passing sites
4. Pilgrimage to a stūpa
3. For each being and scene, take a screenshot of the image you’ve identified.

4. Under the screenshot image, list in bullet points at least three aspects of the carving that led you to identify the object as that being/scene.


Lakṣmī Lakṣmī, goddess

Female deity = goddess
seated on lotus
elephants over the goddess’s head
5. Upload your assignment as a MS Word document or PDF to the “Encountering Divinity Assignment #1” Folder (be sure to include your name on the document!).

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