Write a well-written paragraph that brings the main point and the key argument together.

Introduction Hook: Research + cite
These StatemeBaeaggameht= bridge :
two main pointsesearch
Conclusion: Research
1. Topic sentence: main point+ key argument
Citation: in-text citations
2. Evidence from the 3. film/examples abou the main
(Last name of the author)
(title of the film in italics)
analysis of the examples Research: support with research
American Dream
Support Main point
reseach> explanation: what Support the key argument does the scholar mean in this: examination of the film quotaiton?

Requirements for the essay
Length: The essay must be 3-4 pages (not including the work cited page), in 12 point font and double space

Develop a well-written paragraph that has a hook and background related to the subject of your essay. (about 50-70 words). The last sentence of the Introduction must be the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement:

The essay must have a clear argument thesis, which includes the film title (in italics), key argument (the American Dream of the character), and two main points (ways in which he/she pursues the Dream or is hindered in pursuing it)

NOTE: Use (or modify, if you need to) the thesis statement you developed for your topic sentence outline.

Body of the Essay:

It must have TWO sections (not paragraphs): Section 1=First main point and Section 2=second main point
Each section MUST be organized using the SEXC formulas: Topic sentence, evidence (two or more pieces of evidence), analysis + support from sources, and conclusion
Each main point should have two or more examples/pieces of evidence from the film
The analysis must also include research from sources–with accurate in-text citations
All the examples, details/analyses must be related to the main point in the topic sentence and must show how it connects to the key argument

Write a well-written paragraph that brings the main point and the key argument together.


Analysis: The essay must demonstrate analysis through organized and step-by step development

NOTE: Use ideas from your topic sentence outline

Organization: It must demonstrate excellent use and organization of the elements of an essay (topic sentences, evidence 1, evidence, 2, analysis, conclusion, etc.) (SEXC),

NOTE: See Elements of an Essay documents from Week 1 and also your topic sentence outline


It must show evidence of no less than FIVE credible, scholarly sources.
You must use the sources with which you developed the annotated bibliography. (You can use additional sources if you like).
Use the annotations to figure out where in the essay a source can be integrated.
Ideas from the sources must be used effectively to support and examine the main ideas.
MLA Citations: It must have accurate citations—both in-text and work cited

NOTE 1: Do NOT include the annotations in the Work Cited; only the Work Cited

This is the thesis Here the arguments you have in thesis
1. Upward mobility
2. Economic growth
3. Personal growth
4. To become a successful millionaire
5. successful stockbroker

Pick just ONE argument and that will be focus for the whole essay Or, better yet, make another argument that is clear and concise–for instance, Christ Gardner’s Dream is gain financial success
After this pick TWO main points that will prove just this ONE argument. For instance, if you say his Am. Dream is financial success, then the two main points can be (1) he works hard to gain this financial success and (2) he overcomes adversities with determination (such as divorce, homelessness) to gain financial success.
Once you have that clarity of one main argument and two clear main points, revise your outline.
Citations: Please make sure you italiciz


Title of the film: Pursuit of Happyness
Name of one character: Chris Gardner
The American Dream of this character and does he/she achieve (or not): Chris Gardner’s American Dream is centered around upward mobility and the belief in achieving economic to social and personal growth despite adversities (TARIGAN). He does achieve his American Dream by transforming from a homeless person into a successful multimillionaire stockbroker.
Two main ideas that will examine HOW/WHY he/she achieves the dream (or not):
– Gardner’s resilience and determination in the face of challenges.
– The support and motivation provided by his son, Christopher.

I. Gardner’s Resilience and Determination:

– Despite facing homelessness and financial struggles, Gardner perseveres in pursuing his dream job in the stock brokerage industry (Kabasele).

Example: Gardner impresses a manager at a stock brokerage by solving a Rubik’s cube, showcasing his determination and problem-solving skills (Muccino, 2006: 25´ 20´´ – 27´ 40´´).

Explanation: This scene highlights Gardner’s resilience and determination to prove himself, even without the traditional qualifications for the job.

– Gardner’s ability to overcome personal and professional setbacks underscores his unwavering commitment to achieving upward mobility.

Example: Despite his wife leaving him and being financially strained, Gardner remains focused on his goal of providing economic stability for his family (Velikova Petkova, p. 7).

Explanation: This example demonstrates Gardner’s resilience in the face of personal adversity and his determination to create a better life for himself and his son.

II. Support and Motivation from his Son, Christopher:

– Christopher serves as Gardner’s primary motivation and driving force throughout his journey towards upward mobility (Polanco).

Example: Gardner’s dedication to his son’s future is evident when he reassures Christopher that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to, encouraging him to pursue his dreams (Gardner.).

Explanation: This example illustrates the profound impact of Christopher’s presence on Gardner’s determination to succeed, as he strives to provide a better life for his son.

– Gardner’s bond with Christopher reinforces his determination to overcome obstacles and achieve his American Dream.

Example: The scene where Gardner and Christopher play basketball emphasizes their strong father-son relationship and Gardner’s commitment to supporting his son’s aspirations, as he say, “Do not ever let somebody tell you… you cannot do something. Not even me” (Muccino, 2006: 54’- 55’).

Explanation: Through this example, Gardner’s strong support for Christopher’s dreams reflects his own pursuit of upward mobility and emphasizes the importance of family in achieving the American Dream.

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