Writing an Essay to Compare the Presentation of Ideas across Genres.

Award-winning author Sonia Nazario is best known for her Pulitzer Prize–winning biography Enrique’s Journey. The book brings to life the very real and dangerous journey of a Honduran boy fleeing his home in hopes of finding his mother in America. In addition to the biography, Nazario has written countless articles informing readers of the dangers children like Enrique face. While the biography and the articles serve the same purpose and present the same ideas, they do so in different ways. You will be comparing and contrasting how Nazario informs her audience through a biography and an editorial.
Write a comparative essay in which you compare and contrast the way Sonia Nazario presents similar ideas in a biography and an editorial. Support your comparison with well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient evidence from both texts. Apply MLA guidelines to properly cite the evidence used in your essay. Be sure your essay uses formal and objective language.

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